Advice for the Meathead Voters of America

This is an election season rant, not so much opinion or advice on finance and investing.

But the fact is that whichever meathead the meathead voters elect, that meathead will have a serious impact on the voter-meatheads livelihoods.

So first, a disclaimer: I don’t think that either candidate is fantastic.

And I don’t consider myself to be biased, if anything I’m overtly independent.  I’ve never joined any club, played an organized sport or sought out like-minded people of any kind (voluntarily) in my entire life.

Not a fraternity in college.  Not even a civic organization that could have helped my alter ego’s career.


Why?  I don’t know.  I’m just not the kind of person to follow the herd.  Pathologically so.

But that’s fine.  I like it.

As such, I’ve been registered both as a Democrat and a Republican.

I’ve voted both parties at different times during Presidential elections.

But I have my biases.  I am fiscally conservative.  Militarily conservative.  Socially liberal.

I believe in smallish government.  The right to bear arms.  And free speech.

I believe people should be allowed to marry whomever, and whatever, they want to, so long as the other party is capable of saying no (inanimate objects excluded.  Marry away freaks!)

I think most recreational drugs should be legal.  I don’t use any today, but I smoked a fair amount of pot when I was younger, and drank a lot of alcohol.  Trust me, alcohol is way worse for you individually and for society.

Abortion? I am pro-choice, only because I don’t think we can legislate that decision. However, I think it is wrong to have an abortion when used as a birth control.  If you don’t want a baby keep your pants on.

But this is the election for the leader of the free world.  For many Americans that doesn’t mean what it used to.  But Americans seem to be voting for President the way they vote for their favorite singer on The Voice.

That is stupid.

All the bullshit around Trump and Hillary is boring and exhausting.

There are two things of paramount importance as far as I’m concerned.

The Economy and Defense.

This country became the sole superpower because of US dollar domination and by having the biggest, baddest military in the world.


Trump is far from an ideal candidate.

But Hillary carries for more baggage than her ample rump displays.

The world fears Trump.

And they have Hillary in their back pockets.

I don’t know what Trump will do as President.  But he has had plenty of experience negotiating business deals around the world.  And he shows no fear.

Hillary is a known quantity.  The world knows how much she costs.

If you care about this country, and I don’t care about your meaningless personal feelings about Trump, you will vote Trump.

If not then you are voting against your own country to prove a stupid point.